(By You Purchasing Material from The Vellien you are still subject to credit splits with The Vellien.)

All loops , Beats and any material from "The Vellien" that will be used in any way of reselling, or releasing through distribution of any kind shall require you to properly include "Velli Clark" within the credits.

{MINIMUM OF 12.5% to 20% on any loops and 50% PRODUCER SPLIT ON ANY BEATS. YOU STILL HAVE YOUR REMAINING 50% AS THE SONGWRITER/COMPOSER to split to your Preference}
Velli's Songwriter & PRO info listed below !
Please be mindful of fair business.

Lawyer on Standby


{ Songwriter/Composer info 
Name: Darion Allen Clark CAE/IPI# 831053180

Affiliation - BMI

Publisher / PRO info Name: Velli Music CAE/IPI# 1003255421

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